Art is my Religion
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A R T   I S   R E L I G I O N


Art is my Religion

Art is born when we descend into deep waters, toward darkness, when we delve into emotions such as sadness, when we descend towards depression. There we search for light to have our creativity sprout. Akin the gestation process, in which we find ourselves in a dark space, clothed by the womb. Or to the voyage we live during the dark night of the soul, feeling seduced to unveil ourselves and undress our spirit. We walk this path to reconstruction through art, through a creative process that religates us to our own existence, offering a meaning closer one's own destiny: 'Know thyself'. From that process of descent and regression, from the conception of a life project, comes Art is my Religion. ©

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R E L I G A T E D   M I N D

Online workshop

Religated mind

N E W   P A R A D I G M 

Religated mind is born from the message Art is my Religion. It is a 12-lesson workshop through which you walk from a paradigm that no longer reflects your true identity, with which you were born. It is a process to remember you again and gestate you in a spiritual process that takes you back to your home. 

When you return home, you remember who you are, your mind is reconnected and your creative capacity genuinely emanates from you, to extend your life mission, that mission that is revealed to you when you listen your call.

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