Art is my Religion
The Art of Life

Thank you for taking time to read, for letting me share the message that is born in my spirit.


Life is an extraordinary mystery -
not the mystery in books,
not the mystery that people talk about,
but a mystery that one has to discover for oneself;

and that is why it is so grave a matter 

that you should understand the little, 

the narrow, the petty, and go beyond it.'
Jiddu Krishnamurti

  To all of this I added the practice of Esotericism, which has accompanied me since childhood. The word esotericism comes from esoteric and the suffix -ism [which indicates doctrine or system]. Esoteric comes from the greek root esoterikós, composed by adverb eso [used as a prefix meaning 'inside']; the comparative suffix -teros [place]; and the suffix -ico [related to]. Meaning, 'the system or doctrine related to what is inside'. It means what lies within each of us. Let's get back to 'Know thyself'.

  Esotericism has shown me to experiment with myself, to rehearse in the search of questions, some to which science cannot yet give proper answers. There are things that can only be known through the soul's science, which is our internal geometry. That is what gives us a spiritual order and which leads us to a world with a fuller sense, filling matter with meaning and symbols that cannot be seen through a quick look.

  The esoteric search, finding what is inside oneself, showed me arts that kept revealing to give me the answers I was trying to find. Some of them were revealed through practices of ancestral wisdom, such as the Tarot, the Kabbalah, Alchemy or Astrology; all of the ones used by William Shakespeare in his plays to talk about human nature. The purpose of these arts is not to predict the future; there are infinite possibilities in the future that you are to create yourself. There's nothing interesting in a future of abstraction. There's no greatest power than that of being in the eternal present, if there is a time to be measured, to know oneself. To tell someone about their future means taking the joy of life away from them and connecting them to an incessant wait, expecting a result; it means to steal their soul. If we actually take a future predicted by somebody else as true, we may lose the possibility of enjoying all of the creative capacities in our reach, and our mind can enter into an obsessive loop. These arts keep, in a symbolic manner, human knowledge through its millenary existence; they are wisdom's geometry. They have been transmitted from generation to generation and their purpose is to help us understand the spirit's message. They are maps of our psychology and of the soul's path. They are sacred arts that can only be deciphered by special minds. Attending a workshop for the purpose of understanding infinite wisdom is not enough; understanding the complexity of the individual and collective subconscious is crucial. It is for that reason that we must experiment life without judging it and seizing what it grants us. They make us acknowledge the fact that the only thing we can do with them is heal; that's why they are arts. If they do not heal they won't be born out of beauty. The only purpose in their function is the one of helping. Whoever uses them to feed their ego is going the wrong way. The control and manipulation that wants to be exerted will come back, like a boomerang, and will only create more pain in the initial wound. Therefore, they are not means to inflate our egos, but our religions along with our wisdom, our order. They remind us they are not means to interpret a symbolic message. Action is born out of you and out of what your own call is asking for.

  When in practice, I realized that in order to decode the world, we need the help of metaphors. We can find the decoder in the sensations revealed during the mystical state, and when we descend into depression. It is then that we can find the symbols in the deep waters of the psyche, the dark night of the soul. If we get in contact with them, we can start shedding light on our blind spots, revealing a new creativity, opening more doors to abundance and to the knowledge of mystery.

  That's what I call certain words during my search for beauty, for my soul's religion, for the observation of the occult and the constant poetry life narrates through itself. During this process, I have come across many lessons, as many as I could handle and understand in accordance with my evolutionary consciousness level. There is nothing we can manipulate; we can only give in to personal knowledge. We cannot change the world and make it fit to our desires nor own it. We need to detach from all of our belongings and ideas that have turned into a burden. Only then will we be able to join infinity, the emptiness, everything and nothing. The front door can be found through the art and creativity provided to us by my eternal mother, the one who gestated again. This is our pledge: to materialize the spirit of creation through each one of us.

'Beyond right and wrong
there is a field. I will wait for you there.' 

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