Art is my Religion
The Art of Life

Thank you for taking time to read, for letting me share the message that is born in my spirit.


Magic exists and happens through people.

It was a warm midsummer afternoon. I remember myself lying on a couch, self-absorbed, staring into a piece by Frederic Leighton, "Flaming June". Suddenly I thought: 'Whoa! I need to find a flat...'

While I hastily searched for an apartment in every Mexican website, -I was being sent from Spain to Mexico by the advertising agency for which I worked- I suddenly found a cozy looking home that caught my eye, and I got in touch with the advertiser right away. Even though the room turned out to be taken, the girl referred me to María's Facebook profile.

I admit that I remember looking at her picture and thinking: "What a beautiful girl. No doubt she's the typical arrogant, imposing kind. Living with someone like her must be exhausting." However, as soon as she replied to my message, I realized I was absolutely mistaken.

It wasn't until I got to Mexico that we met, and although we didn't end up living together, we were neighbors and lived only a block away from each other.

I remember the smell of the first cup of tea I shared with her at a charming teahouse in the Condesa neighborhood; I even lost track of time while we had that tea. At once, it became clear to me that the most beautiful thing about María was not her physical appearance, but the mystical and creative blend of lights and the deep intelligence that shined within her. That was the beginning of our friendship; we even got to write a play together.

It is thanks to her that now I understand a huge part of my existence and consciousness. Her work not only describes an orderly view of the current world, but also provides keys to art that are absolutely authentic and groundbreaking. It was art. The Flaming June painting was the spark that woke and drove me to find María. Likewise, her book is a wake up call for humanity to build a deeper sense of understanding of the mysterious meaning of existence.

You have before you a book by one of the bravest people of, at least, this planet.

With my most sincere admiration,

Inés de Miguel. 

March 2017