Art is my Religion
The Art of Life

Thank you for taking time to read, for letting me share the message that is born in my spirit.


'Love is the ultimate meaning
of everything around us.
It is not a mere sentiment; it is truth;
it is the joy that is at the root of all creation'
Rabindranath Tagore

  Another territory through which I transit is Mysticism. The mystic word comes from the Greek root myo [closing the eyes or mouth to not reveal the secrets]; or myesis [initiation]; mistagogo and mista [initiator and initiated into the mysteries or hidden realities]. We could say that it is a difficult term to define as such, because it concerns the sensations that we experience when we begin seeing what hides behind appearances; it is a sublimated state. The action that comes hand-in-hand with the term mysticism is that of silence and opening the eyes of the soul to reveal what lies within.

  Therefore, that it is the state in which we find ourselves when we are in religion-union of the soul with the creative source. Regardless of how we call it, God, Creator, Light, Yahweh... It is when we embark on the true path of 'Knowing thyself' that we begin to recognize the mystery, revealing hidden aspects of ourselves; and we can do it while perceiving the outside world. I embarked on my search from its essence -mine and everyone else's-, which is love. Not the love invented and projected by our minds as an illusion, but through an eternal state of the being. That connection led me to a state of great contemplation, greater depth and ecstasy, transcending the apparent and revealing the soul that hides when our vibration is low; a connection that makes us climb the inner steps so that the mind, the body, the soul, and the spirit are one, so that the same strings resonate throughout every world, including daily and earthly life.

  In these states it is important to keep in mind the difference between the mystic and the madman. Their one and only mission is to provide the individual and the collective soul with meaning, filling matter with divine content. The mystic, after rising to spiritual words and after experiencing altered states of consciousness, comes back to earthly life and shares their journey, even if they are discarded as madmen. Somewhere along the thin line between the mystic and the madman, we can find the genie, who knows how to provide a creative channel to the adventure we are embarking upon. They know how to manage themselves with the timeless spiritual and physical laws of the third dimension: time-space. They know how to take that leap to mold all of the soul's infinite wisdom into a material body. The madman, on the other hand, experiments those altered states of consciousness but they do not come back. They get farther away from this world and get lost. Their minds escape the pain and ailments that surround us, they get lost outside of time-space, they find the balm without being present, and that is when they risk losing their minds. They go into other universes without finding the temple encompassed by their earthly life experience, they disconnect from their bodies and their own matter -the matter which provides them with a presence. They are not aware of where their beings are, and they dive into a life narrated by the channel of numbness. They do not know how to handle the fall we experience when we come back, when we feel the pain caused by our animal nature.

  Therefore, if mystical journeys help us understand the physical world or the natural laws that govern our world, they allow us to understand life's conception and the purpose of everything. It is about expanding our consciousness through them. They are not an escape, but a means to become responsible for individual and collective existence, and the only way to transcend the pain is to know that we are sustained by love.

'Physics will be better understood when mysticism 

reaches an understandable language' 

David Bohm.

  Based on the words of physicist David Bohm, I believe that the vision of mystics is what really has the power to change our world, since they have come to grasp and materialize their journeys, through which they understand the Purpose of it all. A work carried out jointly with science, even though science has just lately been able to demonstrate what has been said for 5,000 years or more of human evolution. In the road, submission to faith and intuition are what we have been left with. Mystical journeys can be of great help at ordering society, doing it through the substance from which we can put educational, medical, political, or any other aspect of human life into action. The mystic is the artist who shows the desired path in unison, from the purest part of each being, they help us so that we are down-to-earth, to remind us where we stand.

  Thanks to mystical journeys, I managed to understand what I had been looking for in my excursions. I bumped into my desire to give, to let go, to get free, to detach. Walk hand-in-hand with the being, who knows itself to be sustained by love. I needed to be released into the world, let go of irrational fears, because otherwise I would get sick. And the whole meaning of my existence was then turned into giving, giving the light that holds me, which constantly provides abundance. I was going into a life wheel, one that would never get stuck, going into my own mandala, my own sacred geometry. I understood this is a task that comprises spiritual and material economy. Moving from this substance guides me trough the Path.