Art is my Religion
The Art of Life

Thank you for taking time to read, for letting me share the message that is born in my spirit.


'Joy in looking and comprehending is 

nature's most beautiful gift'. 

Albert Einstein

  Occultism is born of the Latin verb occultare [hide]; composed of the prefix ob- [against, in front]; and the verb celare [hide]. Therefore, we may think it means 'what hides in front' or 'what hides from our eyes' -however, if it is there, it exists, just like feelings, which we cannot touch, but rather feel, therefore they exist. The implicit action is the one of looking at what hides to the naked eye. For this purpose, contemplation in a calm state is required -a mystical state-, which allows us to reveal the blind spots of our psychology. We may begin by looking at what we have been suppressing from our essence, because of being servants of a system that has hidden our creative nature.

  Therefore, while in mystical states, which get me in tune with the absolute, I tried to unveil the masks, wanting to reveal the messages hidden in them, listening to the saved messages. Delving into occultism has been my call to search for the mystery, which holds itself, and which is also held within each one of us. During this process, I started finding the occurring natural phenomena, like a white board which projects whatever goes on in our minds. I found the guide to learn how to handle it; it was just about calmly observing, without inherited beliefs, with a white mind and heart. It was in this state of consciousness that I managed to begin elevating the one of the being. I revealed a talent, a gift for the creation of my own path. Afterwards, the action to express that superior intelligence came along -the Thought of Creation-. The first step was to root it in earthly life, in the simplicity of daily life.

'To me, the biggest sin of all sins,
is to be given a gift, a talent,
because it's actually a gift from God,
to take that and not cultivate it and make it grow,
that's the biggest sin in the world.'
Michael Jackson

  Once the intellect started being developed, the human being got lost in dialectics, and creative information was shelved in the shadows, which then became occultism. However, groups in the search o spiritual enlightenment have never disappeared. We may call them Light Workers, who have been working on the shadow, to shed light on it while looking after humanity.

  In this new world which is now appearing, in which all of what we've learned is being transformed and in which the external models are changing; we come across the difficulty of holding on to something which no longer is. What lies behind the social ornaments, governed by masculine energy, is being revealed. The masks have been unveiled, and now our time to do some introspection work has come. The models or reference points that we look up to must come from within. We need to create ourselves again, which means connecting to our feminine energy, which has suffered so much damage and abuse. Stop hiding the Human Being we are all embodying, stop nullifying the creative and feminine power we all have, give it a channel through the beauty in ourselves; that's what it is all about.

  We could list an infinite number of beauty seekers throughout human history whose works were forbidden. They were discarded as crazy people, only to be acknowledged as geniuses later on. There is also an infinite number of women who had the use of their voices forbidden, and were therefore annihilated and abused... Some men and women were able to put their names in their works regarding Light, which meant no more than the spread of consciousness. Some others were kept in the shadows, but they never stopped working for the purpose of creating a new project, a new society more solidly connected to our nature. This has been a task in which every worker has loved existence, traversing through the arts and sciences that study the holy, trying to transform and provide a message through itself. They prepared food for humanity to be able to take the evolutionary leap we desire.

  We have been disconnected from our creative power for millennia due to the establishment of an education system focused on the development of matter, of external stimuli, of dogmas to be imposed. The knowledge of our own universe, of our own geniality must be added to ethics. Whoever decides to delve into it and reveal it will be called a mad mystic, under the social patterns or reference points which we use as a guide. 'Knowing thyself' is what 'Light Workers' have been preparing. The system has held to the results that have caused so much pain to those who did not have a guide, a hand to hold onto while knowing the personal intricacies. Whoever decides to search for the soul's balm, for a mother's arms, whoever decides to return to the uterus to remember the reason of their existence, will be singled out.

  Through this system we have been worshipping death while living, instead of life or self-transformation, which takes place every instant. That is to create; it is ART. Life and death are one and the same; they are an expression of the same energy, which needs to be in continuous movement. If we cause it to stagnate, we stay paralyzed in death; we stay in the channel of a thirsty river. The river can be a river when there's water in it, when there's fluidity, vitality, when it can create life within itself; like a mother's womb. That's how our body works. Our minds and bodies become rigid when creativity does not flow, when the body's spirit, or the motor impulse born out of the sexual- creative center, dies. Pills to relief those ailments, to hide the pain, have been created. The occult is always present and moving along with life; that's its nature. Neither our dialectics nor our pills have a superior power. They may help us to get rid of physical ailments, but not of those of the being. Acknowledging the occult is a personal search journey that is silent, almost hermitical, slowly discovered by each one through an internal marriage.

'Life is a series of natural
and spontaneous changes.
Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward
in whatever way they like.'
Lao Tse.

  The benefits of meditation are no longer in the shadows, but the knowledge of the power our minds wield still is. Creating language or thoughts in the form of words is not its only role. Meditation is a tool to feed the mind, experience states of calm and fullness, for us to consciously manage the impact emotions may have on our psyche, for creative energy to provide fluidity to our thoughts and mental powers, which we also exert in the world of matter. The mind is part of a feeling body, which has feelings and reactions; it is part of a whole whose existence must be kept in mind in order to create freely.

  Let's not forget that everything is energy, and that we live in a state in which it is condensed, generating low vibrations; the same thing happens with our thoughts and what we can do with them. If we hide our emotions, we won't be able to know what their impact on our mind is. We will become aware of them only when we see ourselves surrounded by a life that does not make us vibrate in happiness. Therefore, if we raise our mental state, we will be doing the same with our daily lives. Through that simplicity, we will get closer to transcendence, and we will increase the matter's vibration.

'This is my simple religion.
There is no need for temples;
no need for complicated philosophy. 

Our own brain, our own heart is our temple;
the philosophy is kindness.' 

Dalai Lama

  The search process Buddha undertook is a group of formulas for the mind. They lead us to peace, compassion, and every principle he based his journey on, which he shared for the elevation of humanity. Some formulas may be helpful while others may not. He provided different mechanisms in accordance with each mind; sometimes exact opposites. Each of us is responsible for finding the specific way of unknotting whatever is preventing us from moving forward in the development of our life. It's all about discovering whatever triggers the revelation of what hides within everybody in order to rehearse our truth and put it into practice. It means validating ourselves and stop living with so many internal blind spots. To do that, we don't need to read long self-help books. In them we can find information, tales that have helped others in their personal search journeys, which can serve for guidance. What has helped me the most has been being present, observing, and getting to action from my essence. It has been during that experience that the occult has been revealing itself, as I got prepared to know the mystery held within myself. It was then that I was able to know a mystery constantly being manifested in all existent things.