Art is my Religion
The Art of Life

Thank you for taking time to read, for letting me share the message that is born in my spirit.


'The unexamined life is not worth living' 

  During the search process, I got to understand that something was coming through me, and that it went through everybody. A kind of mess kept drowning me in noise and needed to be quieted down. I wasn't hearing anything related to ethics, morals, or dogmas; all of that happened to be no more than the shell of a spiritual content.

  Among the confusion created in my mind, my soul understood that, due to the misuse of certain words, humankind has become entangled in moral dilemmas, and that's what has been moving us away from both our individual and collective essence. First, I tried to approach the true root of certain terms that are part of our ethical-dogmatic world, and that have become a cult. What I found was a world made out of stagnated words, their energy has ceased flowing or transcending, they no longer bring us closer to creation, but to the divisions born out of the mind instead. I decided to take them as creative tools and tried to link my thoughts to the Thought of Creation. Watch the video 'Thought of Creation'

  I understood that words are action sparks in a world in which energy is condensed into a material state: bodies, plants, minerals... Therefore, words hold the Spirit's energy -the Thought of Creation- and they push us, for us to spread it through our actions. I got in touch with the feminine energy -the Spirit's gestation- and then with the male energy -spread by the Holy Spirit. I did this to understand what was deposited in my spirit -what my participation of Light was- which wanted to take action through me. Finally, I was able to contact my life's purpose.


"Thou shalt not separate thy being from BEING, and the rest, 

but merge the Ocean in the drop, the drop within the Ocean.

So shalt thou be in full accord with all that lives; 

bear love to men as though they were thy brother-pupils, 

disciples of one Teacher, the sons of one sweet mother".
H.P. Blavatsky

   A word that I encountered a lot during my search process was Religion, which is part of this book's title. It is born from the latin verb religio and is composed of the prefix re- [which indicates intensity or reiteration], re- from res- [thing]; the verb ligare [to bind or tie]; and the suffix -ión [action or effect]. It means 'linking action', 'rebinding action' or 'bonding'.

  The essence wanting to be put into action is the one of strongly binding us, like a big tree in which each one of us is both a branch providing fruit, as well as the fruit. Having in mind that we all share a common root, religion disintegrates neither our souls nor our spiritual state through mental beliefs. The re-union result is our transformation into a diverse society with one motivation. It means reconnecting with our essence to spread the uniqueness in every human being. We provide our uniqueness to a collective work, for the purpose of shedding light in the places only we can, and becoming our own life project.

  The purpose of religion is to help us become ONE, just like it was before we all turned into millions of drops of a creative light, which was spread, and which now wants to be and experience itself through each one of us. It wants to embody the same gift abundance has, which is the one of providing in an infinite and unselfish way to creation. And that is what we search for in our duality. For this purpose, we must embody our own beings, our own identities, and provide them the channel they were meant for: in medicine, finance, beauty... It is then that we will be able to feel it in our emotional state and in our material lives.

  I realized that the knowledge regarding the spiritual word has been misused on purpose by the minds that have wanted to rule our society for millennia. The result has been our disintegration, due to the imposition of a dogma, and not that of the true state of being. They have not been working through their souls, but through their egos, causing great confusion in humankind. I became conscious of how they fell in their own traps because they don't know how to be Human Beings, a path we are all in, or because they desire the most lusted element in humanity: power. They misunderstood the teachings of the holy books; they imposed a kind of political and economic order based on their superficial readings, method through which they turned heretics-people foreign to the beliefs of their own community- into servants of their egos. We all fell into the mind's trick through dialectic games. Our minds have not been trained to understand the mystery, or the occult, revealed only to the soul's senses. It can only do so if we tame it and if we dive into a state of calm and compassion.

  Sacred books hold a divine message that can only be accessed when our hearts have been religated, with the feeling and the beat produced by every word in our nervous system. They are written with words that show us the path that feeds our spirit and that we can find in our hearts, its temple. If the words we read make our hearts beat, our humanity finds a reason to awaken, which changes our mental state and creative impulses as a result. They allow the central channel -the backbone or spine- to let the fire of creativity produce its alchemy in our thoughts. This happens from the root -the creative-sexual zone- and that is how we turn into art. This can only take place if allow ourselves to give in to the experience.

  After understanding this principle of action, the Verb, kept by the word religion, I religated myself to the reality around us every day. I cleansed myself from the beliefs that were preventing me from seeing beyond, that stopped my own impulses from flowing. I did this from my soul, from the eternal element in me, without labels or names, as if I was deep in theattrezzo of an infinite stage. This meant beginning to rehearse, learning to dance among all things, finding in each step the truth lying within. This state has allowed me to create myself strongly attached to my pureness, granting life what it wants from me, which we can define as our personal mission or our destiny: 'Know thyself'. When I connected to this statement, I understood that this is the way to go for us to religate, and we can religate with infinity by beginning with ourselves. By doing this, we can find the path that will keep us in religion with the absolute principle of creation; we find our life project, our Word, our creative action. I understood the source that allowed me to express the gifts I had been granted from birth, which wanted to be put into action. They required a specific time and order that I would only find if I kept myself in religion.

'With the realization of one's potential 

And self-esteem in one's own ability, 

One can build a better world '. 

Dalai Lama

  As I got to know myself more, I understood that everything is born out of art, because we are constantly creating, just like the universe: in a constant state of expansion and creation. Therefore, the Big Bang is not over, and the only thing I can do is work from consciousness, feel the mystery, and live it without forgetting that I live in planet Earth, which continues to be governed by the laws of matter. This fact makes me feel part of an infinite and wonderful mystery. It reminds me that I cannot let down whatever it is that has given me all I have: my life. That's why I keep myself religated, picking up the phone on the other side. I knew that the only way to follow the line was expressing the action narrating my life story, and somehow, in that way, helping others. In that moment I realized that conscious people undertake a huge responsibility. It is a great fortune, resources are infinite, and it never stops supporting us; it grants us the pleasure of being able to give what we receive and be free.

  'Know thyself' It is said that this phrase was found written in the temple of Apollo of Delphi, in ancient Greece. Therefore, it is understood as a divine recommendation. Maybe at the beginning it was some kind of advice for the future. Although, considering that time does not exist for the soul, that at this moment I am being my past, my present and my future, everything is being in me. I knew I was walking towards a future that was already dead, but that I embody endlessly. Time's linearity exists only in the world of matter, whereas in the soul it resembles a spiral. For this reason, we cannot just stand and cry for matters of the past, nor be anxious about the future or manipulate reality for it to happen in accordance with our whims. When I found myself in that state of religion, I understood everything was happening the way it was supposed to. I just needed to give in and go on.

'The best way to predict the future is to create it '.
Abraham Lincoln

  The need to religate is born out of the desire to transcend. This is a timeless subject that has been uniting all civilizations. The question is: where do we look for it or how do we personally work for that purpose? We cannot place it in the mind's shelf. This need comes to the service of the being; we haven't developed a sufficient sense of its understanding, or of its infinite capacities, which are not just dialectic or numerical; they are inextricably connected to music.

  Whatever we focus our attention on will grow. If we focus on our essence, that essence will expand; that's where the religion that will allow us to know ourselves is born. Someone who knows himself or herself is able to govern themselves while looking for transcendence, enjoying the connection and union with the divine. This transcendence will pierce every word; it will become something holy and will be transformed into an action that rises from purity. In that religion one begins gestating the Holy Spirit, and provides it with a channel. Purity is what those inquisitor egos have been trying to control, but they have been doing it through a non-constructive spot. However, after understanding that everything is occurring the way it is supposed to, I realized that going through that dark period is necessary for every human being. In today's societies, the shadow is still the Achilles' heel, and we keep working to provide a more creative, feminine channel for it.

  True as it may be, it has been society who has been revealing its beliefs, prayers, or rituals throughout history every day -what we have come to call paganism. Beliefs based on the needs we have developed during our evolutionary path, while intending to gain ground over the transcendence of life. Religion does not imply an imposition of morality or dogmas, it is an internal state from which emotions, which lead us to constructive actions, arise; it is an internal guide and it impacts our psyche/psychology. Religion shows us the path to the being, which wants to spark out like a lighthouse shining its light into the middle of the ocean. Thanks to that search, art began having a presence in the stage of life. Whatever the souls were trying to express through it, they were doing it through beauty -from their spirit, which then took shape-, created through feminine energy. That search legacy is what we have inherited, because it has been present since the beginning of our world and societies; it has left its mark and it is the one thing that keeps reconnecting us through the eternity of times.

"We mortals achieve immortality 

in the things we create in common 

and which remain after we part."
Albert Einstein