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Photo: @ulafabini

Some artistic references...

I was born in the city of Barcelona in 1988. My first contact with art was through my mother. At the age of three, I started to be trained in classical ballet, under the instruction of professors at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. I went on stage for the first time at 4 years old and at 6 I danced at the Palau de la Música Catalana. Over the years, I expanded my dance training with other styles such as: Contemporary, Jazz, Tap Dance and Belly Dance. At 5 years old I began to receive piano and singing lessons, which I attended for 5 years. At 13 I took my first drama class, doing 'Dream of a Summer Night' by William Shakespeare. At age 18, driven by the desire to convert interpretation as a response to my search for life, I went to reside in Madrid. There I continued my theatrical training for 7 years. I trained under 'The Method', working with texts by Federico García Lorca, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller or William Shakespeare, among others. Later, I continued to work on my acting in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Mexico. 

Spiritual and psychological search

Since my childhood, I have had contact with all kinds of spiritual teachers. Through them I have known life pursuits such as Buddhism, TAO or Kabbalah, among others.

I also started my psychological search on the transpersonal. It opened a range of possibilities in the knowledge of being, being reflected on being able to create characters in a deeper way, closer to human nature.

What has driven my knowledge the most has been my personal search, to know myself. Since my adolescence, I was self-taught in the knowledge of the human being. A search that has grown to hear my own message: 'Art is my Religion' . ©