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Religated mind

N E W     P A R A D I G M

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O N    L I N E    W O R K S H O P

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   RELIGATED MIND is a 12-lesson workshop based on the essay message Art is my Religion.

   It is a workshop in which we work close to your call, which is that inner fire of your soul, the same that you feel when the truth has reached you: Your life is coming down, you feel that you do not know where to go, you do not understand what what happens in your life ... You recognize yourself in some of those moments when you ask yourself: Now what? That call is directed towards a new paradigm, that is, a new mind, which we understand in this workshop as an original mind, the one you had before forgetting your life purpose, which is your calling. Hence, RELIGIOUS MIND is born, which is an action of the spirit and a decision that you take.

How are we going to do it?

   It is a workshop based on the creation and action of the words of the Spirit, going to the etymological meaning of each of them to activate and to remember the innate creativity that is in you. Throughout the process we go to the root of your identity from the spiritual foundation. Your identity is directly linked to your spiritual recognition and takes you back to Love. An eternal identity, whatever happens in your life.

   The work with each of the words is a process of your psyche -which is your soul- in which we will empty the beliefs that you have projected in each of them throughout your life experience. For that, we also work with the tree of life -Mother and Father Spiritual and those who have given you life here on earth-.

   And all this process is for you to put in ACTION your call, which is lesson 12: Theater. It is a process of rebuilding your soul -psyche- through the Spirit, understanding the importance of words so that you put yourself into ACTION in your life with the unstoppable force of the Spirit that has created everything, including (a) you.

For accessing the workshop, I want to give you the book/essay Art is my Religion, so you can do the process while reading the message.

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Religated mind

A N S W E R I N G   Y O U R    C A L L 

   All Creation has a Purpose, including your life. Before the Creation, there was the purpose of expanding Love and that is where everything you know today was born. And the time has come to make the leap to the NEW PARADIGM

   A paradigm is a way of being, thinking and acting in the world. Every day this new model of human being appears with more presence. The new paradigm speaks the language of creativity, which is the language of Creation, which is the language of Creator Love. The new paradigm speaks of female empowerment, of the millennial generation and of a religated mind to the Thought of Creation. And, as always, much confusion is generated when a new life is being born. 

   The new paradigm speaks of a new identity, which is not really new, but is about remembering your identity, the original one. That which allows you to create and remember that the creative process is a spiritual injection that removes all veils from your mind, which restores your truth and the reality of who you are.

   I have created this space to give you clarity, to expand my mind, my legacy, and to take your time in reminding you that you are a work of art; This space that I have created for you is the uterus from which you can be born again. I want you to be able to recompose the pieces that were placed in a wrong place in your mind, and that you re-link yourself to the Thought of Creation

   The purpose is to remember who you are, to take off the veils of your thoughts and return to your original creative state. For that, you need to be free and freedom resides in your truth, which gives you power to create your life without those shadows that cloud the clarity of your own message.

   I want to remind you that there is something beyond our will that moves the threads of Creation, the Spirit of Art. Art challenges us to delve into the depths of our being and transform our world. It opens the way for us to be reborn from the womb, it opens our arms to return to the Mother, to the feminine, to the creative, to the success and to the creative abundance.

   Art is the most creative and constructive religion that exists, because it brings us back to the God's Mind, which is the Creative Mind. Doing so is the greatest act of love and approach to Beauty and to God-Light. It makes us aware that we are a channel of abundant creativity, of which we have the responsibility to give it a channel. It challenges us to give the answers that our being has come to find. To do this, we build a life-project in response to the questions we ask ourselves, from our soul linked to the Spirit. In Art we have the ability to speak of the universal that beats in each one of us. Then, it becomes the universal religion that moves us towards the search for the message of our truth, without distinction of dogmas, languages, colors, languages ​​...

   It reminds us that nature harbors mystery, that it keeps itself. Mystery that we reveal during the human experience. To return to our truth, we live a process: We descend to the deep waters to 'get out of the comfort zone'. Art founds the relations of man with divinity; After the meeting, we remember that we are all artists and we are creating, no matter what profession we perform, because we find a way of being that is neither the best nor the only, it is ours, the one that gives us an identity, a fingerprint. We are all doing the same in unison: create and project our creation. We all have access to speak directly with the creative source and that makes us artists of our work, of our experience. It's as simple as: 'Know yourself'

   Art goes beyond form, although it requires one in this dimension, it also has the capacity to create new ones, like a woman in her womb. This fact connects us with our virtues, which move us to give them to approach God-a. That is to make use of the channel. Life needs that which it deposited us in the form of gifts.

How long are we going to delay in revealing them? 


We are artists constantly, life is art and it is the universal religion that connects us day by day with creation, Art is Religion