A conversation with God

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Art is my Religion

A conversation with God

Art is born when we descend into deep waters, towards darkness, when we delve into emotions such as sadness, when we descend towards depression. There we search for light to have our creativity sprout, it is when we seek for God's wisdom. Akin the gestation process, in which we find ourselves in a dark space, clothed by the womb. Or to the voyage we live during the dark night of the soul, feeling seduced to unveil ourselves and undress our spirit to know it. We walk this path to reconstruction through art, through a creative process that religates us to our own existence, offering a meaning closer one's own destiny, to 'Know thyself'. From that process of descent and regression, from the conception of a life project, comes "Art is my Religion, a conversation with God". ©


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It has helped me understand many things about myself. It is a book that invites you to read it several times.


One of the best books I have read, without a doubt a journey through the course of humanity that has made me reflect.


This book is the reflection of a human being, a woman who illuminates the path of consciousness.


From the beginning I was hooked and you can't stop reading it. The way it's written has made me want more.


Certainly one of the best books I have read on this subject. A must read if you want to delve into awareness.


I have been fascinated by this view of life, of the spiritual path and the constant reflections to which I have been advocated.

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