Behavior of the heart


BEHAVIOR OF THE HEART How many times do we want to keep our composure and our heart is telling us the opposite, it makes itself present without us having invited it to the event? We have been educated to keep some manners, attitudes and actions in relation to the world. They give us the tools to tame the horses of the personality. However, in the shadow of appearance our heart does not stop talking and we do not have the reins to handle emotions. All this 'hidden' is always present in our eyes, in the way we move, express ourselves... Then, establishing a link with the heart is necessary so that it does not walk like a wild horse. Begin to have a relationship with him and learn to receive his messages, it is essential for all that emotional shadow does not play tricks on us. Because we can not control what the heart feels when bad news comes to you, when someone stops wanting to be with you... There is simply a mystery, a secret, kept inside it, which is the gold of your spiritual fortune that you later manifest in your material life. There is a mystery within him, which is constantly present because everything that happens in our lives goes through the heart. And the heart is the sacred place from which we communicate with God-Light-Creator through prayer.