Closing transitions


When we are reaching the end of a transition, doubts begin to appear: Am I generating the right change?; Am I going in the right direction? Will it be that, in reality, I'm running away? I'm afraid of this new world and I walk... Those thoughts, which belong to beliefs of our previous self and that start to dynamite us. They bind us because they are afraid of ceasing to exist within you. These questions may arise from a sense of loss, from beginning to feel the mourning of everything that is no longer part of our seeds of life. We can even have an irrational feeling of infidelity. It is just that final step that can cause us more difficulty, because we let some beliefs die, those that are no longer going to accompany us, we are free of them. And now that? Now comes that step that tests our relationship with God-awakening faith and the confidence of knowing that we are sustained by Her/Him-recognizing our creative capacity, also, our gifts are carried out and we know a new world. That world we know, is a new relationship with our self. Yes, we know another person to fall in love with and create a new life together.