Determination | What doors are you opening?


How many doors have you opened without thinking about your priorities? How many times, for wanting to be 'good' you deceive yourself and lose the good in your life, because your ego could not stand saying 'no' at the moment of closing a door? How many times do we open doors, or do we dare to close them, because we would lose a status quo? How many times have you staggered in the courage to put in order the priorities that build you, to not have to admit that you were in a sea of ​​doubt about yourself?
Determination is a fundamental attitude to build the life we ​​want. Being honest with what we want and carrying it out is an act of necessary courage. Sometimes, not knowing how to close doors involves breaking someone's heart, even yours. Being determinant is a need of the heart, so that we have clear on which spiritual path we walk. Being firm in our decisions is not only determination, it is also emotional intelligence. If we open doors in which we wear our potential in night parties, ephemeral couples, economic spending without a purpose... We will be letting those emotions into our hearts. On the other hand, if we want to build a life filled with the light of the Spirit, we begin to close all those doors that do not build us. Then, we open those that give us emotional stability in a couple, in working life (using the gifts we were given in this life), etc. Determination is a fundamental value and decision that our hearts need to take control of our lives. As always, from the hand of the Creator.