Empty yourself


In this life you do not come to take anything, you come to give. You will not take your house, your watch, your car, your clothes, your food ... You come to give what you have and that is intangible. You give it through your work, from a creation: book, plays, new way of operating the human body, creating a support community or joining it ... There are countless ways in which you come to give yourself same, and we do it using the dimension of matter. This planet is only giving us a space within a time of life of the body, so that we work our conscience, so that we can give everything that was deposited in our mother's womb. Emptying you is what takes you back home, your home in spirit. The TAO says that it is the root, the unity, it is God. It is the place we abandon to live the duality, tension and conflict of this three-dimensional consciousness in which the brain tries to decipher the infinite and creative ways of doing a service. You can have several lives, a young soul ... But you only have one life with this body and it is about raising your consciousness so that one day you remember your origin: the TAO, God, Creator Love... That androgynous that we all carry in inside. Empty yourself and extend the force of origin. There is no need to reach a goal, the truth in this dimension appears in the conflict and in the opposites. Do not leave more in the ink and creativity will emerge for every pore of your skin.