Fear to Love


Being afraid of love is like being afraid of your own identity. Accepting fear as a way to protect life, only leads you to live in a world where you believe that everything is a reason to fear. Fear, war or to attack end in the same place where you invented them: in the fear of BEING. You are what The Creator gave you: Infinite and abundant Creator Love. Maybe I can give you a long spiritual, mystical explanation, revealing how that image is presented to me. However, facilitating with words the image is my job. To say that you invented the fear of Love is the most economized in the process of self-knowledge and liberation; towards the path back to your Original Love and to the Creator Love that creates and extends through you. When you stop being afraid of Love, and abandon the fear strategies that you invent to not love yourself, you will stop being afraid to wake up. Awakening is rest, because you remember your identity and do not need to continue at war with you, or condemning yourself for something you never did. Love is Love and there is only one form of Love: Unity, which is your own unified mind linked to the Thought of Creation.