There will come a day when everything you see will disappear. That can only happen when you forgive yourself, when you stop projecting what is inside you. It is when forgiveness will allow us to correct all the mistakes we have created by detaching ourselves from the Creative Mind, and all material life will return to its original state, which is eternity; which is beyond good and evil, beyond time. We will no longer need forgiveness, because its function is to reestablish the mistakes you have decided to create in order not to free yourself from the condemnation that you have imposed on yourself, by believing in the voice of your ego and not in the voice of Creation. Your healing is my healing, restoring your love restores mine, we are ONE and the same essence, although separated in appearance, that wants the same as you and me: Go back Home. When you stop thinking only of yourself and you can understand that your healing helps us all, you will understand the eternal function of the message of the Spirit, which has never changed because it does not live in the illusion of time and space, which it uses for your help in the illusion of being detached from the origin: The Creator Love.