From the flesh to the Spirit


In all spiritual work, which is vertical, we begin by building the root of the physical, which is our horizontal life (space-time or field of learning). By recognizing our humanity, we begin to work with the beliefs that operate within the human mind. We work with all that inheritance that we have inherited from our ancestors, which is nothing more than a belief system that either sickens or multiplies life. By recognizing the belief system under which our mind is working, and recognizing our humanity, is when we can begin to sustain ourselves in the process of returning to the origin, which is the enlightened mind, the creative one. That process we need to do accompanied: psychotherapy, spiritual teachers... Everyone lives their process, but, you have to do the process: you have to go through the pain that the ego invented, the wounds that we made, the fantasies we made, the false projection of our image... And forgive ourselves. When we begin to have the courage to enter into ourselves, to accept our emotions, our creative gifts or values, is when we are a free mind, because it does not have limiting beliefs that prevent it from creating. The creative mind is symbolic and feminine, it is what receives, creates and gives birth to its creations. To remember who we are, we must first forget what we invent, then remind ourselves that we were created and do not create ourselves. That we are free when we stop operating within a mind full of beliefs that limit us and deny our femininity, which is our creative capacity. When we return to the origin, we remember that we are 'Made in the image and likeness': Man-Woman in perfect union creating and giving light through the mind, which operates the body. However, we begin with the earth, with the flesh, with the human, and we are approaching, through the illusion of time, the eternity of the Spirit and Its Beauty.