God | Looking for Beauty


How to start establishing a relationship with God:
1. Close any communication that distracts you: WhatsApp, Messenger, that person who has your thoughts full of distractions, that internal discussion... 

2. Establish a schedule to see your social networks. AND ONLY watch them during that established moment and ONLY during those minutes that you agreed with you.

3. Pray: Tell to the Creator how you feel, what distracts you, what you need, what you want. Ask God to give you a vision of your purpose.

4. To talk you must LISTEN: Receive Its Voice, open your spiritual ears and let your Love envelop you.

5. To listen, you must EMPTY yourself of all thoughts that distract you.

6. Be constant and do not get distracted by thoughts that waste your time.

7. Do not stay in the complaint and be the living example of that Love that surrounds you in your daily live.

8. You signed a covenant before you were born. Start recovering that relationship to stop being distracted. Many need what you have to give.