Going back to the Creator Light


The shadow is born of light, and within the shadow we have kept everything we do not want to recognize: our gift of creation. The shadow is everything that the ego has invented or manufactured, as a substitute for the laws of the Spirit, which are the laws of creation. Very often, our shadow projected in anger, resentment... When that happens, we can get to feel ashamed, because all that is 'wrong' and is not an accepted attitude in social morality. However, when we repress our shadow, she will want to come out of as well, and the ego will always invent strategies to perpetuate what it has made: dysfunctional relationships, jobs that enchain us, friendships that take us out of the way, seductions, addictions... And It is when we confuse all that we have manufactured in the ego with freedom, when it really is debauchery. That is the strategy that the ego invents not to live under the laws of the spirit. Then, when the shadow monster comes to light, we have two options: accept it or reject it. In the second option, the monster will continue to grow and multiply, fear will continue to be our way of life. On the other hand, if we accept it, we will not let the shadow pit keep filling and we will begin to remember the light, to remember our creative gift and our life, as well as our personality, will change. We will stop being faithful to the altar of the ego, to be faithful to the altar of the mind of God, of the Creator. The fall humanizes us, the shadow humanizes us and that process of recognition of the shadow, is a process that takes us back home. The mind can not be enlightened if we do not light up the shadow and we stop giving it our ears and that requires courage and faith. The shadow, generated after the fall, is not a curse, it is a factory of the ego that does not want to recognize itself as a work created long before it created itself inside our mind. Uniting us in the shadow, in our fall, humanizes us and when we heal the shadow, we go back home: The Creator Love.