Inheritances | Projections and extensions


We leave inheritances that extend life or leave as inheritance the unresolved projections of our ego? Sometimes parents do not know how to solve their problems and believe that their children will be the solution to them. However, believing that we can get rid of our problems by giving them as an inheritance to others -our children-, only multiplies it. Remembering that what we give is what we have, then, it is what we keep. Then, by giving an inheritance that projects an unresolved problem, far from getting rid of the monster or the shadow, we conserve it and multiply it. By believing that someone or something external is going to solve the problems of our mind or ego, what we do is keep it, although we have not gone to the root of the problem, we have not evicted the belief, pattern or pain that generates a projection. This type of mechanism is what we find in our society. Young people, children, are inheriting the projection of the unresolved problems of the previous generation. The projections have not been resolved because of the loss of communication with the Spirit. And, because of this, spiritualized egos also appear, instead of extensions of creative love, extensions of the religated mind to the Creator, creative extensions of life, which leave life in inheritance. So, that's where we choose: to continue projecting or returning to the origin and extend the creative love through our lives, thus ceasing to live in conflict to awaken to peace.