Live through the truth


We live in a society in which we have accepted the lie as a status quo. Also, we have accepted to veil the truth as something normal. However, facing the truth gives us fear, and remembering that the truth is Love is necessary to stop fabricating illusions; those that take us away from the Creator. Courage helps us to drop the masks of the ego and leads us to the face of truth. When we learn a lesson, and we do it in the eyes of others, we become an active example of the truth. Living in congruence has made us complicated for humans, because our cultures and dogmas have kept us away from the eternal truth. Sometimes we are not able to say yes to Love when it clearly appears in our experience, even though we have been asking for it and praying for it. Then, because we do not know what to do with Love, we invent personal pacts, we invent work hours, we make up appointments with friends... We even put the name of God to not dare to say that what we really have is fear. It seems that we have forgotten to put an appointment with the truth in the purpose of our life, as well as with the Love that is revealed of it. We seduce with acts lacking in clarity, and we do it only to maintain satellites -men and women whom we have seduced to be the center of attention- who continue to nourish our ego. When we try to live through the beauty of truth, the ego will feel pain; However, our soul is conquering that land that promises to be fertile with multiplying beliefs. When you know Love, you know that every action that tries to clarify the confusions of the ego (who feeds on your emotions), you can only live through Love. There is no turning back, and the only purpose of all creation is Love.