Multiplying life


MULTIPLYING LIFE Life multiplies to create consciousness and can multiply it in many ways. There are times when we can invade the instinct asking us to give birth to our children. That awakening can be a real desire to be a father or mother, but very often we get confused and what we have to give birth are our own projects for the world. Managing them, giving them the love they need inside the womb until they are ready to go out, letting themselves find their own destiny, their way of expression and the force of life to cross them to continue materializing eternity. The task of being a parent requires a lot of awareness to help it multiply in the lives of others, who are born through us. It can be undertaken in a healthy way when we have a journey in the knowledge of our own being. If we do not know who we are, how can we accompany a small being to get to know themselves and give the best of themselves to life? There are those who seek to satisfy their loneliness through a child and project all their frustrations on them. In this way you will deliver sick fruits and probably castrate their creativity. If you love life, start by loving yourself and only then can you freely love those who came through you. The magic of giving life is materialized in infinite ways, listen to what is really wanting to come to light through you and with all your love let it start walking along with their free will.