We often find laws that spiritualize the ego but do not give us the essence of the beauty of the Spirit. We read spiritual laws that say: 'How to force the Universe to give you everything you want.'; 'The law of traction: visualize what you want and it will be given to you.'; 'The law of abundance: how to use it to have everything you want.' That type of laws makes the ego is created spiritually, because the ego wants things, wants to project its desires into matter and identifies with it. However, we forget that the universe will not obey the wishes of the ego, the universe will not surrender to our individual whims and will not stop following its own laws to give us what we want. If that were so, it would have to be millions of times a day changing its melody to give each one the whim of believing that it revolves around us. Obedience is humility, it is knowing that we surrender to that greatness that was already created before our conscience forgot the purpose of life through each one of us. It is about praising life being who we are - Know yourself - it is not about applying laws so that everything revolves around the ego and thus we believe ourselves spiritual. The way of the Spirit is an act of obedience, of surrender, of humility, of patience, of giving love even when we receive the projections of others, which are born of the illusion of their ego. The Spirit is a change of mind, a guide, a change of life that reflects in our goods the abundance of the Spirit, with whom we identify. We are seeds full of life waiting to be germinated and it only happens in an act of love, in an act of obedience