Perfect partner


How many times have we tried to answer the question: Who is my perfect partner? When it seems that 'perfect' adds a high component, without error, without loose ends... However, the 'perfect match' is the one that makes us grow, the one that has those components that, from love, they challenge us to go beyond our limits and expand together. Because yes, when we take the step of commitment, the step of growth is also implicit. When love unites us to a couple, it is the same love that wants to mold us, although this time it is two, that become one. And it is in that commitment that two try to unite to be 'perfect', that is, to create, give life, perpetuate consciousness and grow our relationship with the Creator. When we find our perfect partner, beyond being a fairy tale, we find those elements with which to grow and stretch the skin, together. For in doing so, we will find ourselves closer to the idea of ​​creation, we return to that absolute state of the soul, before it split into two bodies and challenges us to seek us once we land on this earth, separated in those two bodies, to return to be a single soul that remembers the love of the one that was born, the creative Love and the Love of the Creator.