Pulse of the Spirit


A spiritual attack is an attack on your system of thought. It is something intangible, just like your thoughts and it happens from that same intangible place. Since we can not see it, we believe that it is not real. However, like your thoughts, they become tangible and in this case it is through falls, economic losses, love, friendships... Where it directly affects your emotions. You lose the management of them and they start to lead you instead of leading them. It is for that reason, that the strength of the spirit is seen in the strength of a clear, unified, religated mind of thought. In a mind that leads your emotions and the actions of your body. Attacks usually happen when you have made a qualitative leap in your thought system, as that new thought in you is still very innocent, you can feel that attack. It also happens when your ego has gained so much ground to your soul, that you have become very vulnerable to any attack that goes towards you, you can be vulnerable to the event. However, to get out of that thought of attack, is to stop thinking through the ego system and think with the system of Love. Knowing that what you are is unbreakable and standing firm in Love, will make you stop falling into illusions that offend the status of the ego in your mind.