R I G H T S: 

In every human relationship, we are NOT entitled to:
1. Tell someone that is "wrong." Well, it is finally our judgment about ourselves, which we are projecting.
2. We have no right to judge the soul process (psyche) that any human being has come to transcend.
3. We have no right to disrespect either with words or actions.
4. We have no right to silence when we have harmed someone.
5. We have no right to manipulate in favor of our ego.
6. Nor do we have the right to judge the life, or decisions, of any human being. 

If we have the right to:
1. Move away when some circumstance hurts us.
2. Express our pain without judging the other.
3. Make our process and make mistakes
4. Apologize and ABOVE ALL to forgive ourselves.
5. Love us and ACCEPT our limits in any human relationship.

Always with courage, honesty and love.

You can err on the road, you are a human being and your mind is still in process.

Always from the hand of Creator Love.