Re-know you


The perception that you have of yourself, makes you have a behavior and action in the creation of your life. That perception is born of the beliefs that you have accepted as true in your mind; It also creates projections that we want to satisfy, even if they do not come from the truth, from the creative mind and in the original state. Then, being loaded with wrong beliefs about us, our perception is distorted and the difficulty comes into play. To enjoy a real perception, we need to enjoy a true knowledge of ourselves and that knowledge is the affirmation of our truth. Re-knowing ourselves, means knowing again. Everything we usually know about us is temporary, therefore, it is not true. However, when we know our truth, we know eternity, what is not mutable and what was created in an original way. Then, your behavior changes, because your mind is freed from beliefs and begins to reestablish itself at the origin, which is the creative mind and the reason why it was created. When you have a true knowledge of yourself, you live in certainty, which is timeless, since it is unquestionable. When we enter into our truth, we know the spiritual vision, which is symbolic and is the true perception of ourselves, we know ourselves as an extension of the Creator in his creation. Knowing yourself, then, implies certainty and that is when you know that it is an attribute of what was given to you when you were created. Remember that you did not create yourself, but that you were created, is an engine to drop all those beliefs that have not let you create freely in your thoughts, because the spirit was created, as well as the creation in which we live. You come to experience yourself as a sacred creation, for this you need to put your truth to guard and so, when you have re-known, any difficulty in your capacity for creation will have been dissolved, because you will live through the immutable truth of the Creator.