Reach the heart


How many times have your actions reached the hearts of those around you? How many times, being yourself, have you touched the soul of life? When have you felt a caress in the spirit, to see that the reflection of your presence has helped another human being, by the simple fact of BEING? Learning to be present, to listen to you and be the love that is in you, is reflected in being able to touch the heart of each being; also, in helping those who share your life, those who only walk for a while, to whom the Creator brought you to give you their seeds of life... The greatest benefit of BEING is to be able to help others, to fill your soul with Thank you, without having to do anything else than to take care of your relationship with yourself and to know that your Creator is your unceasing source of love. When you know yourself, you are also creating an effect on the lives of others, you help to evolve each Being in a Human body.