A relationship or a marriage is the union of two souls and two minds. What inevitably gives way to physical attraction. However, to understand a relationship by a physical attraction, by a body that is going to die, is to base a relationship on death. When two souls become one, it is when in their minds there is a union, they become religated in one creative thought. That which composes each mind, unites in one soul, to use the abundance of both in pursuit of Creation, with a common purpose. I want to share these words of Khalil Gibran: 'Let there be spaces in your communion, and may the winds of heaven dance among you. Love each other, but do not make love a hindrance: Fill each other's glasses, but do not drink in a single cup. Dance and sing together and be joyful; but let each one be alone, just as the lute strings are separated and yet vibrate with the same harmony'.