S A C R E D     S E X


S A C R E D    S E X: It is not a dogmatic fact to say that when two bodies come together they become one. Well, when the sex of man enters a woman, they are already one. They are finding a rhythm and a dance that turns them into a single body. However, it does not seem so obvious that when we unite physically, we are also doing it in the spirit and we are sending that information to the universe. Nor does it seem obvious, that in that fact we are left with one part of the other. That is, when the sex of man has entered into that of the woman, she will feel bound, because she has left inside her not only part of her fluids (life), but what the person brings emotionally. On the other hand, it does not seem obvious that the man stays with part of the woman, but it is evident when he can keep a sexual infection that she carries. Then, when we are carrying part of the other person, we join another and the man deposits in the new woman what the other left him, and the new woman is left with what the man gave him, even with what he took from the previous one. Then, under this awareness, we see that sex is an act and a sacred dance, a means of communication with the couple and the universe. If we give constant messages to the universe of union with different couples, the universe will not really understand what is the sacred action that you are trying to carry out. Therefore, we speak of fidelity, that fidelity of personal growth, to then unite in fidelity of growth where two meats become one body: they think, they feel, they speak, they develop at the same rhythm. It seems that our society has confused free love with the fact that Love makes you free. And the first Love that you return to is yours, the one who loved you while carving you, who is the Creator, who made us in his image and likeness: Two bodies united in one only. And that's where sex becomes sacred, because it deposits and creates Wisdom, because it gives (a) Light.