Silence is a short way of saying inner life. Silence means the ability to put a barrier or a door. That door defines to put in you a space and in that space you are free. That is, silence is the beginning of freedom. It is the recovery of freedom because it is the recovery of everything that God/Creator gave you. Each one of us is born with an internal temple, we have a beautiful prayer because that is the place of encounter with the eternal, which is the Creator Spirit. Although there are people who never enter inside themselves: they are always talking not to listen or talking with someone to be distracted, they have or invent plans or lives full of noise, they get distracted from their purpose and lose the commitment: 'Know yourself.' That space that is given to us from birth, is the only one that can give us inner life -that in which so much fear seems to be entering this generation, where the 'normal' has 'plans' and the 'weird' seems to be an entertaining because does not live having 'plans' that are 'acceptable' in the cult of our societies- that inner life that offers enough freedom and independence of criteria to know what is or is not suitable for your life purpose, to stop letting yourself be carried away by the herd. When you have no inner life is like a child, or like a leaf in the wind that goes where the current takes you without questioning if really things or people are what they say they are: friends, couples... Question: 'Really this is what he says he is?', takes you on the path of intellectual and spiritual flourishing. Then, silence makes you available for what is worthwhile, for what really deserves to invest your time, which does not return.