The fall humanizes us


The fall humanizes us, guides us towards the encounter with vulnerability, empathy, brings us closer. The fall is a necessary process for the being to be recognized living a human experience, to accommodate humility in the relationship with the Spirit, to know that the miracle or blessing works through Her/Him. The fall challenges us to the encounter of the being, of the inexplicable origin that challenges us to grow and put ourselves into action. The fall unites us to remind us that we are in a world in which we need each other to grow, so that our needs are put in favor of creation and not of selfishness. The fall challenges us to a horizontal life in which, if we pretend to live it from a pedestal, we miss the blessings that come from the vertical life, that of the Spirit. Learning to humanize ourselves, to accept ourselves with what we are, with what we have and not with what we are not or have not reached, makes us grow and expand, we end up remembering the origin and the inexplicable existence of being in a human body. We always do the process of the Creator's (She) hand, in an indivisible loving union with the Creator (He).