The legacy


We are educating for the projection and not for the extension. We bring a human legacy that projects but does not extend. Projects frustrations, shortcomings, outdated ideas and a system that is impoverishing the soul. Impoverce because the fruits we multiply are manifesting the fear we inherit. That system of thought is a fabrication of the human mind trying to understand the thought of creation. That same thought that began as a spiritual legacy and the human mind dogmatized and that, long ago, science is trying to explain, as well as giving a foundation to physics, chemistry and everything that gives gravity and meaning to life that we live. That gravity is given by the intangible, the legacy of the spirit, which is Love and Love is Creator. That legacy extends but does not project, it creates but it does not manufacture. It extends love and does not project fear that becomes anger; it creates life but does not manufacture disposable relationships -with objects, human beings or living beings-. We are taking a leap of paradigm, we are breaking the laws of space and time, the laws of duality, the laws of conflict while consciously or unconsciously we are looking for our origin: unity, which is Love. The journey we do starting by our mind, our thoughts, our life model, which we then extend. It is a commitment, it is a responsibility -Know Thyself-. However, it is freedom and wealth of the soul.