The pulse of the Spirit


There is a pulse, a battle, in the spirit that is not perceptible to our physical eyes, but to the spiritual ones. What happens is that the pulse of the spirit manifests itself in the matter trying to make us lose our peace. In the spiritual world, there are infinity of beings that either protect us or harm us. This well-known 'spiritual warfare', very few know how to understand, because only those who have lived under an attack of it understand the events that hinder the future of our life. Sadly, spirituality is fashionable, for that reason, countless people go on trips with sacred plants, readings of cards, mediums, yoga... What happens is that all this does not belong to the light of the Spirit, God. Then, by opening these spiritual doors, we allow the side of the shadow to enter our spirit and take over our entire being, which manifests itself in: inexplicable economic deprivations, disappearance of friendships, fights with a partner or divorce, sudden loss of work... Sometimes, even when oneself is under a spiritual attack, the spirits can harm us by entering into the being of another person and attacking us, to stagger us and look like we are the 'bad guys'. When we are a victim of ancestral family heritage, rituals of people against us, etc. Sadly, to speak of this is to label as madness a reality that many people experience and have to do from the silence, because humanity fell asleep before the king of illusions. Even institutions in the name of God, damage us and buy the souls of people to get money in return, that is, doing business in the name of God. It is a matter of great delicacy, and much confusion, because only a few understand that the spiritual and therapeutic fashion is born of the shadow, and it is ignorance that spends money in favor of these institutions. Humans go to them in search of a salvation to the pain of their soul, however, they fall into greater pain. When we remember that God, clearly, told us that He/She is not found in the stones, but in heaven, we will find peace.