The switch begins in the soul


Very often we observe the world and say: 'I should change it'. We have also heard that the real change is within you. However, what is within you? That work of self-knowledge, the one that seems an uphill in a world where there is no time to occupy ourselves with listening to our heart. The witch begins by establishing a relationship with our soul. By doing so, she will point the way to the Spirit. That is, the vertical relationship, which is the relationship with the Creator. The switch in our life begins with our look towards She-Him, being aware of how our heart sees it: it denies it, it accepts it, it is angry, it is happy, it has filled it with resentment for believing that it has abandoned it, or rejected it... When we are aware of that relationship, of that vertical gaze, it is when we will understand our horizontal life, which is life in this material world. To deny our spirit and our relationship with the Spirit is to deny life, to deny all your gifts, your virtues, above all, your capacity to love. If you are looking for a switch, the switch begins by knowing your soul, your psyche, knowing everything that is stored and knowing what needs to be released, in order to reveal the vertical relationship in material existence. If you want to see the switch, begin to change the relationship with you and the magic of art will begin to dance with you.