The Tree of Life


1. MOTHER: Represent your creativity. That is, your ability to listen, to receive, your intuition, to open up to love. Remember: creativity is a spiritual injection. I ask you: are you listening to the origin, Creator, God, TAO... DO YOU ALREADY HAD HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FEMININE, WITH THE FEMALE ENERGY, WITH YOUR CREATIVITY, WITH THE MOTHER 

2. THE FATHER: Represent the ability to expand your creativity. When you do not spread it, when you do not make known that spiritual injection that came to you, then addictions can be generated. I ask you: you damaged your self-esteem, you could define yourself, DO YOU ALREADY HAD HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER? Have you use your creativity into action? In what dialectical discourse of your mind are you entangled and are you not allowing yourself to be an actor of your creative capacity? HAVE YOU FORGIVE YOUR SELF?

3. THE CHILD: In Spirit relation we place ourselves in the same place as in this human life. In front of the Father and the Mother, you are the son / daughter. The Mother injects life, creativity. That is the relationship you establish with Her and the feminine energy: reception and multiplying. The Father is the relationship that teaches you to expand the fruits of creativity injected by the Mother. This is the relationship you establish with the Father: action, teaches you to be an actor. Then, the lack of relationship with Him will make you doubt about your ability to expand, that your self-esteem does not lead to your self-definition and so you become paralyzed in what opposes or separates this Father-Mother relationship: The ego. The ego catches you in a dialectical discourse and teaches you to climb on a pedestal, makes you believe you are the father and mother of your parents and the order of love vanishes. You are a child in front of your spiritual parents. The inheritance they gave you is the foundation of your identity. That inheritance they kept in a seed so you can water it through your relationship with them, with the origin and multiply the life that is in it. That's where the Beauty of creativity comes to light.