The Words of Creation


Under your words are written the words of Creation. Our words are born out of our beliefs; our beliefs are in our mind; and the mind where we have decided to put it. We have believed that our fallen mind is our nature and we have filled the world with words that have no meaning, we have automated them and we do not even know what they were created for. When we have left our mind in the channel of inertia, we do not even stop to listen to ourselves and see in what state our mind is. When we stop projecting our beliefs in our home word, when we remove the veils, it is when we can begin to reveal the creative Word, the one that activates us and connects us with Her / Him; the one that unifies our purpose to the Purpose of Creation. When your thoughts are religated to the Thought of Creation, a new reality is revealed to you. You begin to see what lies beneath each of your beliefs to see the light of the Spirit in every creation that life offers you for your evolution and that of all humanity.