To love in present and presence


Love happens in the present time. We love here and now. For that, we need our presence in the present tense, as a present towards who or what we love. It is the eternal presence of the spirit, making itself present in the here and now. Because although love is the creator, the eternal spirit manifests itself in a second and in that second we relate to eternity. Perhaps our human mind can not understand it but our spirit, who has a logic very different from what we learn, to be part of this world. When we allow ourselves to be in mystical relationship with that love, then we land it to manifest it at every moment, with full consciousness. That fact makes our presence a channel of manifestation of creative love in every aspect of our lives. We love today, we love now, tomorrow we do not even know how life is going to present that love to us. Maybe it does it trying to mold us, trying to break our ego, so that the veils we have put in the presence, the soul, the spirit, undress us in a dance of light, to the rhythm of creation.