Unity | Family & society


Where there is a healthy family nucleus, there is a healthy society. It is well known that the current generation lives through a great loss of values. That loss of values ​​is born of a loss of commitment. And not only within the couple, but towards oneself and where the awareness of commitment is in education. Although it is important school education, for an insertion in society, the most important is emotional education and that begins in the family. We find ourselves with family sines in which the structure has been lost, a fact that leads to the loss of emotional structure and to hearts that have opened the door to pain. That fact, even when we have education in the 'best schools', makes us lacking in a project of life, of a purpose with our mission of existence. To which is added an environment of friendships that vibrate in that harmony, unstable couples or ephemeral relationships, economic mismanagement... And in the examples named, among others, we are looking for a momentary relief to an affective lack, which arises from the family nucleus. The pain has been transformed into a rebellious personality structure in front of life and in front of oneself, in walking without a direction until, if you are lucky, one day life puts a stop (although surely you have been trying to put in advance). We may have inherited an emotionally unstable society, full of forms and lacking in content. However, it is your responsibility to reform it starting with doing it with yourself, otherwise you will be a puppet of destiny and you will lose the economy of your emotions and your relationship with the Creator. Then, recovering the value of unity, which is born of the value of commitment, which makes that unity reflected in a healthier society, is a need that is asking to be seen in the heart of society.