We live in Creation


We live in Creation, in the manifestation of the Creator. God is beyond it, for that reason, we can not know its name, form, sex or answer all those dialectical questions that are born from the human mind. All those questions that so many divisions have originated. It is for this reason that we seek to respond to that internal vacuum with which we live, when we are aware of it and have not filled it with 'things' to make it appear that it does not exist. The process to return to religate us with force to the Creator, what religate us, is art. Yes, that search for equality with the Creator, that creative potentiality that She-He manifests to us daily in this work of art in which we live every single day of our lives. It seems very simple to understand, however, we believe that art is only the ability to sing 'well', know how to paint, dance, act a character, use your hands to make a sculpture... All this manifests, usually, the inner world of the artist, which, he explores in an internal marriage with his universe. All are creative skills, although, those human skills have not created the earth, nor have we sculpted ourselves before landing in the womb of our mother. If we live in Creation, it is to create, not to mistreat what has been given to us to work our conscience. From the mind of God-Light-Creator we have all left, with a clear purpose. Certainly we live in darkness, because without the sunlight we would never know what this womb (This Mother Earth) keeps in which all humans live. In order to illuminate this darkness, we have the free will to relate ourselves to the Light of the Creator, in doing so, we will be letting Its art flow through our lives. We will allow ourselves to be loved by Love and to show us how to make use of Its Creation.