We reincarnate because we lave pending issues


To free ourselves from reincarnation we have a master key, to take responsibility for our lives. When we take responsibility, we find an endless number of gifts and abilities that were granted to us, to enter this stage of soul learning. When our soul fulfills its mission, it is freed from this world and continues its evolution in other dimensions of manifestation of creation. This work has no formulas, only the commitment to listen to your heart and be congruent with what he is asking of you. Yes, it is necessary to prepare a stage to the creative genius, not only to have a show, but to manifest the being that moves within him, to break the mold and remove the veils that blind its conscience. In doing so, we will empty ourselves of burdens, we will free our hearts of stagnant emotions and we will begin to work for the evolution of humanity. Because, when you do it with yourself, you will be doing it with all beings in human bodies.