What are you doing?


We live in the culture of 'doing': doing this, doing that... You fill yourself with activities and people so as not to be growing the relationship you establish with yourself. We worship the existential void, to fill the life of physical things and fill our mind in 'having' a scant vision of creation. When we are reminded of the vision and Thought of Creation, there are those who decide to defend themselves by deciding to enter the illusion of attack: 'It is too intense for me what you say'; 'I do not want to change, I'm flirting but not compromising'; 'You are crazy'; 'Nobody has the truth' or 'The truth does not exist'; 'Where is God when a woman is abused'... And the list is an endless number of excuses not to DO what needs to be done: KNOW YOURSELF. You can climb to success, you can fill your life with people, things, experiences that are waste of time... But if you are not full of yourself, full of the substance that gives you life, full of CONTACT with that substance, your life it will not leave any mark on the collective consciousness. A small human act, a discreet human life, can generate a great change in the consciousness of the human race. If you are going to DO, let it be in the hand of the ETERNAL PURPOSE OF CREATION.