What attitude do you take before life?


Do you validate or invalidate yourself? Do you reject to not have to belong to the world? Do you treat yourself well or do you despise yourself? Have you allowed yourself to evolve or have you preferred to boycott each decision? Have you decided to take responsibility for your reason of being or existing? Do you decide not to listen, not to receive, not to have to create, or be generous with yourself and humanity, so as not to work with your potential? Have you been selfish and have you stayed in your cloud of thoughts while life was still life, with or without you? Whatever your life experience, you always have the option of offering yourself the life you desire at the root of your heart. Being generous with you, offering you what you need to evolve, is doing it with what you do not like about society. By giving your light, your truth, even keeping you in your center, allows you to change the consciousness of everything around you, allows you to enter society knowing who you are, what your gifts are and what is the purpose of your life. Staying in the complaint paralyzes us, because although many have felt the pain of life, we also feel it because on its opposite side there is the fullness of life. Retreating to return to your essence is a great step, it is the precursor to advance towards society and generate everything that it needs to change. So, what attitude do you take before life? All are valid, however, some create and others destroy. Where do you want stay? What life do you want to offer?