Which is the status of your relationship with God?


In a society deeply far away from the Spirit, we must remember again and again: Which is the status of your relationship with God? We can deny it, we can be in spiritual fashion, we can be detained in conversations with Her-Him, we can believe that everything that we do is because 'thanks to me', etc. But none of us has turned the Earth around itself, not even around the Sun; nobody holds the moon dancing around our home, nor can anyone see life without The Light. We can believe that nothing is a miracle, that nothing has a what for, not even a why, we can not believe in the need to multiply consciousness... However, we can not deny that something beyond us makes life it is maintained, that there is a Creator and a purpose behind the curtain that color us as a picture of consumerism, of constant visual impacts, of food that does not nourish... Accept that there is an indescribable force that has created everything that exists, it is not only an act of humility or surrender but of faith. And it is through faith that we establish a relationship with God and Its creative Spirit.