With what leaver do you cook your conscience?


With what leaven do you cook your conscience? Yeast does not add, multiply. The mathematics of the creative Spirit multiplies, does not add or subtract, because with the human mind it is with which we divide. Where you focus your attention, is what you make grow. Then, when we focus on anger, on toxic beliefs, we make our life multiply in a scenario of pain, we perpetuate the wounds and we go into every aspect of the mind that created the fall, which humanizes us. However, when we focus on the light of the Spirit, we multiply the creative light, we remember that it was the human mind that fabricated the division towards to the creative love and that is when we can take the step to the multiplicity the light. The yeast of light multiplies our creative cuisine, reminds us of the tools that are in each one of us, those that make us unique, as well as our enlightened mind and then, we leave that legacy to the generation that happens to us through our creations. If you are using the wrong leaven, if you live in complaint or in fear, it is time to use the correct leaven, that of Love. It is time to remember that what unites us (humans) is the same as what multiplies us in the light of the Creator, in a loving and indivisible union with the Creator.