You are an extension | You are not your perception


You are an extension, you are not your perception. If you find problems to identify yourself, it does not benefit you from the perception that you have of yourself. This process of the ego slows down time and invents ways to remain engaged in identity conflict. On the other hand, if we perceive what we really are, the extension of creative love, we get into the infinite and shorten the time of the conflict, even dissolve it. If we listen to the voice of the Creator, we remember the origin and everything ends up returning to the origin. So, if we listen to the voice we have invented in the mind, the voice of the ego, we will not know who we are, because the ego does not know who it is and invents projections of itself to be able to stay alive. The ego, then, perceives what is false but the Spirit, nor the wisdom that the Creator placed in our hearts long before it landed in our mother's womb. Your being has the knowledge of creative love, knows who he is and what he has shares to expand. Then, you will not be able to access the voice of the Creator unless you perceive Its creation as it is, and you are also Its creation. You are one with the Creator and your mind, you are one with the Spirit. If you perceive yourself as a deception, a fraud, a lie, a falsehood... You are listening to the voice of the ego, which makes an identity that is false. If you perceive yourself as a complete work of art, created before you created yourself, you will be listening to the voice of the Creator