You are free when you forgive


YOU ARE FREE WHEN YOU FORGIVE. Forgiveness is in your heart and if you feel debts in it, you will not walk free. Very often we believe that debts only belong to money. Beyond the material world, there is our spiritual world, which is invisible and keeps many secrets that we try to hide. However, these secrets become debts, in burdens that we transform into emotions such as anger, anger, impotence... When we keep those secrets, we let in the weight of destructive emotions that bind us in an internal dialogue with no way out. Forgiveness is the door that opens us the possibility of freeing ourselves from everything we hide and stagnating us. The spiritual world is worked with the intention, then, when you decide to really forgive yourself, stop hiding your secrets, free yourself from burdens, clean your heart of emotions that do not build you... You will begin to leave space in the light of the Creator and you will know freedom. Not that freedom to do what you want, because you will be creating more debt, but that freedom to walk with an empty heart of pain, to fill it with creation. As always, this process is done by the hand of the Creator.