You belong to life


You belong to life. We have made forget that life does not belong to us. We are going against the law of nature, as well as our nature, and we have created human laws to sustain a world that we have believed is ours. We have been numbed and told how we have to feel, how we have to choose our work, how much money should come to our account and countless etceteras. We have been taught to deny our nature and we have lost contact with our being. We are living inside a feminine organism that feeds us thanks to its fertility, with it, we can work our conscience. We have lost our paradise, because we have lost our nature and contact with nature. The human race has been created as a spiritually feminine race, so that it works in its evolution on the dimension of the feminine, also as regards the manifestation of that aspect of a man. Being full of visual impacts and obligations to sustain a patriarchal system, we have forgotten the principle by which we are in this world, which we have so abused. Above all, we have forgotten that the Being is within a Human body, that we cease to possess when we die, that we are in a temporal space dimension in evolution, and that when we leave the body, we continue to evolve in other dimensions of creation.