You came to perpetuate life


YOU CAME TO PERPETUATE LIFE If we stop giving conscience, life as we know it dies: human dies, all life forms die on earth, and we leave the evolution of the human race obsolete. Like all animals, humans also have our part of work with respect to life and it is perpetuating it, not only that, but multiplying it so that it evolves. And to multiply the life is to do the mathematical action about what concerns to the conscience of the 'why' and 'for what' the Being is in a Human body. If we lose ourselves in immediacy, we lose consciousness of eternity. To live within the here and now is to feel eternity in a second and that second is the testimony of the eternal. That art, which is life itself creating itself, is the responsibility of all humans. That is not part of a dogma, of an idea of ​​approach to God/Creator, but to a potential that lives through each one of us. We have received a broken society so, what kind of society we are going to build so that the following generations can perpetuate life freely, without the obstacles of momentary enjoyment that we have created, but with the freedom of a heart that creates and gives life in every word, action, work decision, creation of a love and a relationship with God that makes us manifest his presence through each Being in a Human body?