You love when you let Be


To love empowers you. Perhaps it is the reason why we seek so much that Love. To love is to let be: to be human with all its clumsiness, to be a man, to be a woman, to be a child, a teenager... Letting be allows you to understand that freedom goes hand in hand. Sometimes, we end relationships because we love, sometimes we just give because we love. The empowerment that Love offers us, with a capital letter, goes beyond what human reason and human ego can understand. Love is given, and also occurs when we receive it from another human being, because we give it value. Love is the source of empowerment and when you let be, it is when you understand that there is something beyond you that moves the strings of consciousness. We fall into wanting to give advice 'because I love you'. However, when you love you understand that we all have a process, that you have it and that we all need to learn to understand Love. Human experience challenges us to try constant error. Although, once you decide to LOVE, to live through Love, there is no turning back. To let be is to let go of control, even of one's own idea or prefabricated image of you. Let the human be human and that Love be Love. It's just about living the experience and, one day, everything is transformed into that wisdom that we carry in consciousness; the one that we take when we let our body cease to be the vehicle for learning consciousness. The only way to let be, to let yourself be, is to love you in your human experience, with your mistakes, your successes... And you just have to make a decision: Love