You were born touched by the Spirit


We are all born touched by the Spirit. When we are born, we have a great memory of what it is to 'be at home', which is to be in the light of the consciousness of creative Love. We remember the Creator's purpose in creating our lives and putting Its spirit into Its creation: ourselves. We are a fundamental piece to create spirit in matter, to create light that multiplies, we are lamps full of abundance with a mission of life. However, when we fall into the material world, we forget the reason for our existence: for the beliefs imposed on us by the family, for the silent information we carry in human DNA, for education that imposes information, dogmas... For this reason, it is essential that education change towards one that is oriented to multiply the gifts and virtues that we bring by right of life, which the Creator gave us to multiply the light of the Spirit in matter and raise awareness. A biblical verse says: '... and there is nothing new under the sun.' Ecclesiastes 1: 9 As always, the sacred scriptures are accessed with the heart and mind religated to God, not with the fallen one. We do not come to steal, we do not come to lie, we come to make present what it really is, which is the Spirit of God, the creative Spirit, which I call the Spirit the Art.